Chenso Club


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The alien invaders are everywhere, attacking everything and everyone! And when they die, the life force they leave behind is an ultra-incredible energy source! Is there any hope?

Meet the Chenso Club: a growing group of fighters here to save the world. They’re using the aliens’ life force to power up and beat them at their own game. Don’t let their adorable nature fool you – they will happily and brutally obliterate any threat that gets in their way.

Our heroines want any excuse to use their newfound powers. It’s up to you to master their moves, increase their power and show the world the might of the Chenso Club.

Master the girls’ moves, kick your reflexes into high gear and battle your way through randomized stages to obliterate aliens.

Play solo or indulge the Chenso girls’ competitive nature with couch co-op.

Power up your heroine by sacrificing your health in shops and events.

Experience various fast-paced and fun bonus levels and events!

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