The Last of Us multiplayer development reportedly slowed as Naughty Dog says the project needs ‘more time’

The standalone multiplayer game was announced last year, but it doesn't appear to be going well. Back in June 2022, when Naughty Dog finally confirmed that The Last of Us was coming to PC, it also announced that a new, standalone multiplayer game based on The Last of Us was in development too. It was originally meant... Continue Reading →

The Best Fighting Games To Warm You Up For Street Fighter 6

The best fighting games allow you to practice the unique mechanics in that game but still find and perfect your own style and flair. Fighting games are still strangely niche, despite them being one of the older genres in gaming, but we’re expecting things to flair up again this year thanks to a roster of... Continue Reading →

PlayStation Showcase Highlights

These were our top highlights for the PlayStation Showcase 2023, but there were many more that we couldn’t cover! Stay tuned to find out more about many of these titles as we inch closer to their release. Metal Gear Solid: Snake Eater Remake & Metal Gear Solid Vol. 1 Master Collection Solid Snake is... Continue Reading →

Warhammer Gaming Show Features EIGHT Warhammer Games

In the grim darkness of the far future, there are only Warhammer games With E3 gone, many publishers and platform holders have decided that they’re still going to spend the next month showcasing their slate of upcoming games, they’re just going to do it on their own terms and with their own events. This means that we... Continue Reading →

Homeworld 3 is delayed to 2024 Blackbird Interactive wants more time to ensure it meets the "iconic" standard set by the previous Homeworld games. Blackbird Interactive announced today that its upcoming space opera RTS Homeworld 3 has been delayed. Instead of arriving in the first half of 2023 as expected, the studio now says it will be out in February 2024. "Our... Continue Reading →

Street Fighter Games to Play While You Wait for Street Fighter 6

Practice your Hadoukens and Spinning Bird Kicks for Street Fighter 6 with our selection of classic games from the series! Street Fighter 6, the latest title in the hugely influential videogame franchise that has spanned over three decades, is just around the bend, and with a rich roster of characters both old and new, is... Continue Reading →

Ghostrunner 2: Everything We Know

Picture this; you're navigating a dystopian world where challenges lurk around every corner. As your avatar dashes through the digital landscape, dodging obstacles and surging forward with unstoppable determination. Does this get your adrenaline pumping? Well, good news! Ghostrunner is getting a sequel right from the horses' mouth, 505 Games,  The new title, Ghost Runner 2, will be another... Continue Reading →

Bungie Reveals First New Game Since Destiny 2

The Halo maker is returning to its sci-fi series Marathon with a new PvP extraction shooter Bungie has been working on a new game for some time, and the company finally teased it during Sony’s latest PlayStation Showcase. It turns out it’s a spiritual successor to the company’s Marathon trilogy of ‘90s PC shooters in the form of a multiplayer extraction shooter... Continue Reading →

First Dragon’s Dogma 2 gameplay sure looks like Dragon’s Dogma At long last. The cult favorite action RPG got a formal sequel announcement last June, and at last, we've seen it. Capcom brought a substantial trailer to Wednesday's PlayStation Showcase, and my first reaction to Dragon's Dogma 2 is—yep, that sure is Dragon's Dogma 2. The art style, the color palette, and even the tone... Continue Reading →

PlayStation drops a huge 11-minute Spider-Man 2 gameplay reveal Peter dons the Venom suit in our first look at Spider-Man 2 gameplay that we'll have on PC... eventually. PlayStation's showcase ended with a bang today as Insomniac shared a lengthy 11-minute gameplay demo of Spider-Man 2, which is coming this year to PS5 and eventually to PC. The demo is reminiscent of the... Continue Reading →

New Retro Warhammer 40K Shooter Is One Of 2023’s Best Games

Warhammer 40K: Boltgun combines the classic look of shooters like Doom with a few more modern gameplay ideas In a world flooded with games based on Warhammer 40000, I really wonder if we need any more. So many of them are forgettable or bland. But then, every so often one of these Warhammer video games breaks through the noise, catches my attention,... Continue Reading →

Sources: Ubisoft Open-World Star Wars Game May Be Sooner Than You Think

The Assassin’s Creed publisher thinks it could arrive by March 2024 Star Wars takes place in a galaxy far, far away. But Ubisoft’s first video game adaptation of the beloved sci-fi franchise could be just around the corner. Kotaku has learned the French publisher’s open-world game is currently targeting a projected release date in early 2024 as the company scrambles for a... Continue Reading →

Epic Games Store Mega Sale Has Free Games And Big Discounts

Save on a bunch of great games with endless 25 percent off coupons The Epic Games Store Mega Sale is currently going on, offering major deals on a ton of big PC games. Plus some free ones. And an endless supply of 25 percent off coupons on top of existing sales for Cyberpunk 2077, Returnal, and Far Cry... Continue Reading →

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