Start your tiny engines, a Hot Wheels Unleashed sequel is on the way Hot Wheels Unleashed 2: Turbocharged will release this fall with new cars, courses, and abilities. Milestone's big racing game about tiny cars is getting a sequel: Hot Wheels Unleashed 2: Turbocharged will launch on October 19, 2023 across PC and consoles. The sequel will have a ton more cars, 130 at launch, and five... Continue Reading →

Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater Remake Will Reuse Old Voices

Konami’s remake of the PS2 classic will stick with the original recordings Konami is slowly sharing more details about Metal Gear Solid Delta: Snake Eater, and it’s not sounding exactly like what some fans were expecting. The game will indeed be using the original voice cast, but it won’t be recording any of their performances. The... Continue Reading →

Overwatch Forums Get Heated Over Baptiste’s Bisexuality

Blizzard’s official forum page is filled with wild takes from folks reacting to Baptiste’s sexual preference The official Overwatch 2 forums have been abuzz ever since Blizzard confirmed that there are more queer characters in its hero roster than we were previously aware. While some posts are from folks suspiciously eyeing the welcome confirmation that Pharah is in... Continue Reading →

The Most Disgusting Game Of The Year Is Here And Steam Loves It

The Outlast Trials’ Early Access is already one of Steam’s top sellers, but it needs some smoothing out The Outlast Trials is excessively nasty and obscene—appropriate, considering it’s developer Red Barrels’ first follow up in six years to its, in the best way, abhorrent Outlast survival horror series. Since its Early Access release on May 18, the blood-drenched multiplayer has been sliding... Continue Reading →

Game Pass Will Get This Highly Anticipated Horror Game Day One

Amnesia: The Bunker will be part of the Xbox subscription service’s first wave of June 2023 offerings Amnesia: The Bunker—the fourth game in the legendary survival horror series—will come to Xbox’s Game Pass streaming service on the day it releases. After facing a few delays, the semi-open world horror game should finally be out on June 6, around... Continue Reading →

Bandai Namco officially announces Bryan Fury for Tekken 8, after accidentally announcing Bryan Fury for Tekken 8

The publisher jumped its own gun at this year's Combo Breaker tournament. Bryan Fury is coming to Tekken 8, Bandai Namco has revealed. Twice. Everyone's favorite deranged zombie cyborg was confirmed for Tekken 8's character roster at this year's Combo Breaker fighting tournament, held over the weekend. The announcement came in the form of a trailer, viewable... Continue Reading →

Knights of the Old Republic Remake shows faint, flickering sign of life in publisher report

The Embracer Group says it's still happening and still coming to PC. First reported by Insider Gaming, quiet mega-publisher the Embracer Group recently released its full year report for April 2022-March 2023, and that report lists the now legendarily fraught Star Wars: Knight of the Old Republic Remake as a project under active development in the subhead... Continue Reading →

Fortnite Nerfs Grenades After Five Years

Heavy Sniper fans might want to look away too. Most weapons in Fortnite have been nerfed and buffed multiple times over the years, but not the grenade. Five years on, Fortnite's grenades have dealt the same amount of damage to players and buildings as they always have. That's until now as Epic has rolled out its first nerf in... Continue Reading →

Cayde Returns In Destiny 2: The Final Shape

The Colonel is going to be so happy. Bungie has given us our first teaser for The Final Shape, Destiny 2's final expansion following Lightfall. According to the teaser, we'll learn more during the Destiny showcase later in August. Oh, and also, Cayde's back. Yes, the beloved Exo voiced by the timeless Nathan Fillion returns in... Continue Reading →

Ten reasons why System Shock is an all-time classic

Long before BioShock, Prey, Dishonored and other immersive adventures of that ilk came along there was System Shock, a groundbreaking effort from Looking Glass Technologies that laid the foundations and supplied the design DNA for many of those aforementioned heralded titles. Returning in the remade form to PCs everywhere in May 2023, here are ten reasons why System Shock remains an... Continue Reading →

Travel back in time to fight zombies and tyranny in this upcoming survival shooter that’s looking for beta testers right now There's a lot going on in The Front, but it looks weird enough that it might be interesting. The Front is a "survival open-world crafting shooter" that promises a little bit of everything. It sets players up as resistance fighters who travel back in time to stop the rise of a tyrannical empire that... Continue Reading →

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