FREE O&O Software Defrag 25 (Speed Up Your PC)

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Give your PC a super spring clean and get it to boot up faster. During our Spring Sale, you can pick up O&O Software Defrag 25 software for 100% off! You’ll also get a 20% coupon you can use on software, eBook, and music bundles when you complete your order.

Got a friend who might like this software? Let them know by sharing the link to this page with them. To claim the software simply add it to your cart and continue to checkout. You have to be subscribed to Fanatical email to claim the software.

Only one product key per Fanatical account can be claimed.

Spring Clean your PC with this full version of O&O’s maximum performance-enhancing software.

Regular defragmentation speeds up systems, extends the life expectancy of hard disks and provides increased data security. O&O’s Defrag 25 can simply be installed and then left to do its work. It will carry out whatever is needed on a user’s machine on its own; configuring and running all settings automatically, according to the requirements of each system. Maximum performance practically out of the can.

Alternatively, O&O Defrag users can of course configure their own settings manually as much as they would like. 

Thanks to its innovative method of analyzing Hard Drives & SSDs, data fragments scattered on them will be combined and saved more efficiently, resulting in read-and-write processes requiring fewer accesses to find space, improving start-up times & more real benefits, giving your PC real Spring Clean!

As always, everything happens automatically in the background. Even a change from hard disk to SSD will be recognized and the optimization strategy adjusted accordingly.

O&O Defrag 25 Professional Edition will work with all versions of Windows but has also been optimized especially for low processor and memory capacity in older systems. 

NB: This is not a trial version. Full access & usability is granted.


  • Analyze your PC drives health with S.M.A.R.T. Functionality
  • Deskband to display drive activity in the Windows taskbar
  • “Install & That’s All”: Install the program and O&O Defrag does the rest,  fully automatically, in the background and with no impact on your system.
  • Windows Compact OS Support: O&O Defrag supports the Windows
  • Compact OS compression feature, helping free up space in Windows 10.
  • Quicker Installation: We have made the program installation process even quicker, saving you even more time.
  • SOLID/Quick: This method, developed specifically for SSDs, performs a superficial optimization of the SSD, such as erasing the free space. This method is gentler and faster.
  • SOLID/Complete: This method, developed specifically for SSDs, is a thorough optimization of the SSD.
  • Time View to see which defragmentation activity results in which successful optimization
  • Easy-to-Use: Ideal for Beginners and Professionals
  • Even faster system and program starts
  • Defragmentation time reduced by up to 40%
  • Defragmentation of locked files
  • TRIM for SSDs of any make
  • Lifetime Performance Statistics 
  • Automatic deletion of free space for more privacy
  • Optimizing systems with Thin Provisioning
  • Performance increases of up to 100%
  • Prevents new fragmentation from occurring
  • Extends the life of your hardware
  • Faster surfing on the internet
  • Increases chances for recovering lost data
  • Automatic background defragmentation 
  • Faster backup and restoration 
  • Defrags multiple drives simultaneously
  • Defragments individual files and folders
  • A total of nine defragmentation methods for any application scenario
  • Power Management for Notebooks
  • Assistant for scheduling defragmentation
  • Support for USB sticks and memory cards
  • Intuitive display of fragmentation levels on drives
  • Tracking of successful defragmentation over time
  • Evaluation of most heavily fragmented files
  • Overview of successful defragmentation with before-and-after comparisons
  • Dynamic and interactive display of defragmentation
  • The physical location of file fragments on the hard disk can be analyzed

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