Dead Cells

About this game

Developed and published by Motion Twin.

Engage in the ever-changing and -challenging roguelite and Metroidvania (RogueVania) with Dead Cells! Explore countless areas, get over a hundred weapons and skills, use special powers, fight bosses, and emerge victorious!


Dubbed a “RogueVania” title, you’ll embark on classic roguelite gameplay, featuring procedurally-generated worlds with ever-changing builds and progression through death and perseverance, and the exploration-based features of Metroidvania, with numerous abilities that you unlock, opening new passages in the levels you explore.

Git Gud (In 2D!)

Dead Cells features the fair but arduous gameplay style of the souls-like action and brings it to a 2D setting! Create a build that’ll help you decimate five bosses, perfectly block their attacks, dodge, and explore 17 areas filled with upgrades and unlockables that change every time you visit them.

Create Your Build

Change your build on the fly as you get numerous other pieces of equipment that’ll fit nicely into your build for that run. Heavy-hitting weapons, light and fast attacks, or even bow and arrows and traps! With over 150 weapons, traps, items, and skills, no two builds will ever be the same.

Tick Tock!

The faster you go, the more rewards you’ll get at the end! Rush through 2D levels, but risk making mistakes and taking damage, or take your time and unlock upgrades at a slower rate — if you change your mind, you can always tackle it again in your next run!

Numerous Paths to Unlock

As you unlock new permanent abilities, get access to new areas to explore and discover, with branching levels that’ll work better for different builds. Whether you choose to explore the Sewers, Ossuary, or Ramparts, you’ll have a challenge waiting to face you!

New & Fresh Updates

Dead Cells is still receiving continuous updates to keep the game fresh and new for everyone coming in — newcomers and those that have mastered the gameplay.

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