Fanatical and Safe in Our World partner again to help tackle mental health

Support mental health in the games industry with a new charity bundle

On Thursday 23rd of February, we’re launching our third exclusive charity bundle in partnership with Safe In Our World, as we look to support the great work they do in tackling mental health.

The bundle is being supported by Safe In Our World #LevelUpMentalHealth Partners and others, who have provided loads of titles within the charity bundle. The partners include; RebellionHello GamesCurve GamesnDreamsOutright GamesYogscast Games / it’s happening505 GamesSecret ModePQube, and many more!

You can read more about the Level Up Programme and a full list of supporting partners at Safe in Our World.

The bundle will contain games and more, with proceeds from every sale being donated to charity!

Add a note to your diary and head back to Fanatical from 4pm GMT on the 23rd of February when the bundle will be live and ready to buy. Sign up for Fanatical’s newsletter to make sure you don’t miss it! Thank you for your support! 

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