Prestige Collection Build Your Own Bundle


Great games from as little as $7.25 each

About this Promotion

Fanatical’s new Prestige Collection allows you to buy any 2 Steam games at heavily discounted prices. Why not select 3, 4, or more games to unlock an even deeper discount?

Join the Resistance and infiltrate the Nazi empire’s stronghold in Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus Digital Deluxe Edition, which comes complete with all 3 paid DLCs. Set in America in 1961, you are humanity’s last hope for liberty…

There’s no rest for the wicked…Hell’s armies have invaded Earth, and in the brutal FPS DOOM Eternal, you are the Slayer whose job it is to conquer demons across dimensions.

Or why not seek untold riches, eternal life, and divine power in the awesome action-rogue-lite Curse of the Dead Gods? But beware, a labyrinth of bottomless pits, deadly traps, and vicious monsters stands in your way…

There’s a stack more greatness, too. Experience visually stunning scares in the award-winning first-person psychological thriller, Martha is Dead; design your dream video games arcade in the retro-tastic Arcade Paradise; create a flying city in the sky with Airborne Kingdom; renovate your own unique restaurant in Cat Cafe Manager; and unleash powerful combos in the must-have roguelike deck builder Roguebook, a collaboration between the developers of Faeria, and Richard Garfield, creator of Magic: The Gathering!

And that’s not all – you have 16 super Steam games to choose from, every one of them officially licensed from their respective publisher or developer.

10 of the games are also rated Steam Deck Verified which means they play perfectly on Valve’s handheld powerhouse! Simply check the product description of a game to find out if it’s in this category.

Go grab your favorites now. For a limited time only, and while stocks last

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