Anno 1800

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About this game

Developed and published by Ubisoft.

Build large cities with Anno 1800! Take part in a story-based campaign, the heavily-customizable sandbox mode, or play with the signature Anno multiplayer experience! How will you rule?

Build a New Age

It’s time to build even larger cities! With a new era comes new advantages and bonuses, but also hardships that you’ll need to overcome. Create a logistic network, explore strange new continents, send out some of your civilians on expeditions around the world, and meet new foes that’ll stand between you and progression. Overcoming these hardships is just the first step in building the perfect city, but you’ll need to find how to defeat those that’d see you fall, either through diplomacy, trade, or warfare!

All-New Additions

Experience the latest technology to hit the Anno franchise with brand-new features to keep the game fresh and exciting for genre veterans but welcome additions that make it stand out for newcomers. Send your crews on expeditions around the globe for fame and fortune, and make use of the new Workforce feature!

Exclusive Co-op Mode

Explore the all-new co-op mode exclusive for Anno 1800, where you and up to three other players will be able to build the empire of your dreams! Team up with friends, plan out the city together, and raise a city that’ll last for generations! 

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